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Military & Space Screening Options
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Screening Sub–Group Option A Option B Option C Option D
Internal Visual A1 VI–CIN Internal Standard MIL–PRF–3098 ESA 2043501–2 MIL–STD–1580
External Visual & Mechanical A1 MIL–PRF–3098      
Pre–Conditioning / Burn–In A1 160°C for 5 Days 180°C for 3 Days 125°C for 3 Days Per Customer Spec
Mechanical Shock A1 MIL–STD–202 Method 213     Per Customer Spec
Electrical Testing A1 MIL–PRF–3098      
Spurious Modes A1 MIL–PRF–3098     Per Customer Spec
Temperature Cycle A1 MIL–STD–883, Meth 1010, Cond B     Per Customer Spec
Seal, Fine Leak A1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 112, Cond C      
Seal, Gross Leak A1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 112, Cond D      
Radiographic Inspection A1 MSFC–STD–355 MIL–STD–202, Method 209    
Accelerated Aging A2 MIL–PRF–3098      
Drive Sensitivity A2 MIL–PRF–3098     Per Customer Spec
Solderability B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 208      
Vibration B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 214, Cond 1K     Per Customer Spec
Acceleration Sensitivity
B1 MIL–PRF–3098     Per Customer Spec
Constant Acceleration B1 MIL–STD–883, Meth 2001, Cond A (1 Axis only), 5000 g's      
Hysteresis B1 MIL–PRF–3098     Per Customer Spec
Resistance to Soldering Heat B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 210*      
Moisture Resistance B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 106*      
Salt Atmosphere (Corrosion) B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 101, Test Cond B      
Particle Impact Noise Detection B1 MIL–STD–883, Meth 2020, Cond A      
Terminal Strength B1 MIL–STD–202, Meth 211*      
Residual Gas Analysis B1 MIL–STD–883, Meth 1018      
Insulation Resistance B2 MIL–STD–202, Meth 302*      
Aging B2 Passive Aging per VI–CIN Internal Standard MIL–PRF–3098, Level B (30 Days) MIL–PRF–3098, Level B (40 Days)  

* with MIL–PRF–3098 Details of Exceptions