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MD-173 High Stability Coefficient Corrected Oscillator (CCXO)
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The MD–173 is a Vectron "Coefficient Corrected Oscillator" (CCXO) that contains a high–stability ovenized crystal oscillator and an I²C interface that communicates with temperature and current sensors, and an onboard EEPROM. The interface enables the customer to improve upon the already exceptional stability of the oscillator. Provided in a fully hermetic 28 x 38 mm package, the device is capable of aging rates of ≤0.06 ppb/day and uncorrected temperature stabilities of 0.4ppb from 0 to 70°C. Use of the information provided in the I²C interface provides a cost effective means of further improving temperature stability. See our application note below on Coefficient Corrected Oscillators to learn more.

MD-173 CCXO for High Stability

  • Frequency Range: 5 to 20 MHz
  • Package Size: 28 x 38 x 14mm
  • Supply: 5 or 12V
  • Output: HCMOS, Sinewave
  • Uncorrected temperature stability to 0.4 ppb
  • Aging of 0.06 ppb/day
  • Standard Frequencies: 5, 10, 12.8, 20 MHz
  • I²C interface with frequency coefficients, temperature sensor, and current sensor

  • LTE Base Stations
  • Rubidium Replacement
  • Military Communication Equipment