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MD-203 High Stability Coefficient Corrected Oscillator (CCXO)
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The MD−203 OCXOs with Correction Coefficients and I²C interface is the newest model in Vectron's Coefficient Corrected Oscillator Series. Offered in an industry standard 1x1 hermetic, surface−mount package, the oscillator is capable of frequency vs. temperature stabilities of 8 ppb over an industrial temperature range (−40 to +85°C) without using the coefficients. With the coefficients, the end user can improve upon the stability by a factor of 10, offering unprecedented stability for an oscillator of this cost, size and power consumption. The I²C interface provides the user access to the coefficients as well as an onboard temperature sensor for real−time temperatures measurements.

MD-203 CCXO for High Stability

  • Standard Frequency: 10, 20 MHz
  • Package Size: 25 x 25 x 11.3mm
  • Supply: 5V
  • Output: HCMOS
  • Uncorrected temperature stability to 8ppb
  • Corrected temperature stability to 0.3ppb
  • Aging of 0.5 ppb/day
  • I²C interface with frequency coefficients, temperature sensor, and current sensor

  • Base Stations
  • Test Equipment
  • Synthesizers