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OX–249 Hi–Rel Hybrid Space Qualified OCXO
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Vectron's OX–249 bridges the cost/size/performance gap that exists between small, lower power and large, higher power Space OCXO offerings. By delivering SC–Cut OCXO performance in a common Space TCXO footprint, Vectron's solution delivers a powerful combination of performance and miniaturization. Leveraging our Class S QPL manufacturing line, flight heritage, and leading OCXO technology, the OX–249 offers exceptional performance and reliability from LEO to Deep Space.

OX-249 Hi-Rel Hybrid Space Qualified Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

  • Frequency: 10MHz to 120MHz
  • Frequency Stability: ≤100ppb
  • Phase Noise Floor: as low as –165dBc/Hz
  • Allan Deviation: 8E–12 Typical
  • Low Power: 1.5W steady state @ +25C
  • Radiation Tolerant: 100 krads (Si) TID & SEL Immune
  • Outputs: ACMOS (10 to 100MHz) & Sinewave (40 to 120 MHz)
  • Operating Temperature: –40 to 85C
  • Frequency Control: Optional EFC

  • Manned Space Flight
  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Defense Satellites
  • Commercial Satellites
  • Scientific Satellites