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VX-705 Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)
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The VX-705 from Vectron provides excellent close in phase noise performance making it ideal for Jitter Attenuation PLL applications in Wireless Remote Radio Heads. The VX-705 provides under -98 dBc/Hz at 100Hz offset on a 122.88MHz carrier.


  • Excellent Phase Noise performance
  • Output: CMOS, PECL
  • Output Frequencies from 77.76 MHz to 170 MHz
  • 3.3 V Operation
  • Fundamental Crystal Design with Low Jitter Performance
  • Output Disable Feature
  • Excellent 20ppm Temperature Stability
  • 0/70°C or -40/85°C Operating Temperature
  • Small Industry Standard Package, 5.0x7.0x2mm
  • Product is free of lead and compliant to EC RoHS Directive

  • Jitter Attenuation PLLs
  • Clock Distribution PLLs
  • Remote Radio Heads
  • Small Cells