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April 20, 2006
Vectron Accepted Into Performance Track

Vectron International is proud to announce that the Hudson Plant has been accepted into the U.S. EPA's National Environmental Performance Track. This program is designed to motivate and reward top environmental performers throughout the United States. As a Performance Track participant, Vectron is eligible for a range of benefits including national recognition and regulatory incentives. Vectron has aligned its Performance Track goals into its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Specifically, Vectron is planning to continue improvements in its efficient use of energy. We will also to seek to reduce the amount of packaging used to ship product, and better utilize recycled packaging and paper products. Improving our energy efficiency benefits the environment by causing less power to be generated on our behalf, ultimately lowering emissions of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. As most of you have experienced, the cost of energy has been on the rise and any increase in efficiency directly correlates to an improve bottom line. By reducing the amount of packaging used to ship our product, or through increased utilization of recycled materials, we will minimize our consumption of natural resources, and potentially lower costs. On May 9th, Vectron and other organizations recently accepted into the Performance Track Program will be recognized at a presentation in Atlanta, Georgia.