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June 20, 2002
Vectron International Introduces CS-300 Clock Smoother

Vectron International has introduced a series of ultra low jitter clock smoothing devices used in Telecommunication Applications. The CS-300 is a SAW based product that offers output frequencies between 155.52 and 800 MHz. The devices act as both a clock smoother and a frequency translator and can lock to virtually any input frequency between 10 and 700 MHz.

Unlike other solutions on the market the CS-300 series is not limited to integer multiplication and can for example, translate 622.08 to 669.3266 MHz, which is ideal for FEC applications. The CS-300 series is available with either +3.3Vdc or +5 Vdc supply voltages and operates over the temperature range of -40 to +85 C. The units are packaged as 16 pin FR4 based surface mount devices, measuring 1.0" x 0.8" x 0.250" (25.4mm x 20.5mm x 5mm). The CS-300 series meets the stringent jitter requirements for Generation, Transfer and Tolerance as called out by Telcordia and ITU-T.

The devices offer a reliable and cost effective solution for clock smoothing applications in SONET/SDH, DWDM, ATM, DSL-PON interconnects, Non-FEC to FEC, OC-192 to 10G, 10G to 10.3G, DWDM and other telecommunication systems.

Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency generation and control products using the very latest techniques in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Products include crystals and crystal oscillators; frequency translators; clock and data recovery products and SAW filters and components used in telecommunications, data communications, frequency synthesizers, timing, navigation, military and instrumentation systems.