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September 18, 2006
Vectron Announces New Product Family of SAW Based Oscillators

HUDSON, NH Vectron International, a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product solutions, today announced the full production release of the new SO-720 and VS-720 product family of SAW based oscillators. The SO-720 clock oscillator and VS-720 voltage controlled oscillator are for use in Wireline, Wireless, Military, and Test Equipment applications and enable system designers to realize clocking performance levels typically offered at lower frequencies and in larger footprints.

Vectrons new 5.0 x 7.5 x 2.0 mm oscillators offer crystal-like frequency stability, and initial accuracy performance, while providing SAW-like jitter performance over a broad 150 800 MHz output frequency range. Unlike recently announced PLL-based oscillators, the jitter and broadband phase noise of the VS-720 and SO-720 are consistently low over full operating temperature, control voltage and power supply range. These miniature devices provide ideal clock sources for driving high speed Analog to Digital Converters in telecom, wireless and instrumentation applications, jitter attenuation in Optical Transport and Access applications and low jitter reference clocks for FPGAs, SERDES and Military applications.

The SO-720 is a ± 50 ppm maximum all-inclusive clock oscillator, is footprint compatible with other 5.0 mm x 7.5 mm XOs, and offers an enable/disable function on pin 1 or pin 2. The SO-720 complements the Vectron crystal based VCC6. The VS-720 is a ± 50 ppm minimum APR VCSO, is footprint compatible with other 5.0 mm x 7.5 mm VCXO & VCSOs, and offers an enable/disable function on pin 2. The VS-720 complements the Vectron S AW based VS-700 and Crystal based VC-710. These oscillators are fully compliant with the EC ROHS directive and are qualified for +260°C peak lead free assembly. Additionally, they are housed in hermetically sealed leadless surface mount packages and offered in either bulk or tape and reel packaging.

Key Features Include:
  • Output Frequencies available from 150 MHz to 800 MHz.
  • 3.3 V Operation with Complementary LV-PECL or LVDS Output Configurations
  • Ultra Low Jitter banded jitter of < 0.15 ps rms across 12 kHz to 20 MHz OC-48 Offset Bandwidth and <0.20 ps rms across 50 kHz to 80 MHz OC-192 Offset Bandwidth
  • Typical Broadband Period Jitter of <3.0 ps rms and <20 ps peak to peak
  • Enable/Disable Function with Enable High or Enable Low Options
  • Temperature Stability of ± 20 ppm typical over -40°C to +85°C
  • Minimum APR options of ± 50 ppm and ± 80 ppm over -40°C to +85°C on VS-720 VCSO
  • Overall Stability options of ± 50 ppm and ± 100 ppm on SO-720 Clock
  • Linear VCXO Gain of approximately +90 ppm/V on VS-720
  • Competitively priced with other high frequency XOs, VCXOs and VCSOs
  • Product is free of lead and fully compliant to EC RoHS Directive
  • >40 discrete output frequencies available for quick sampling with other frequencies available upon request.
Sample lead time is 2 - 4 weeks ARO and production lead time is 8 - 10 weeks ARO. For additional information on the SAW based oscillators or any other Vectron products please contact a customer service representative at 1-88-VECTRON-1.

About Vectron International
Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product solutions using the very latest techniques in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Products include crystals and crystal oscillators; frequency translators; clock and data recovery products; SAW filters and components used in telecommunications, data communications, frequency synthesizers, timing, navigation, military, aerospace and instrumentation systems. The company is headquartered in Hudson, NH and has operating facilities and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia.