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March 27, 2014
Vectron International Announces Stratum 3 Compliance for VT-803 TCXO

Small form factor TCXO supporting timing and synchronization applications

Hudson, NH – Vectron International, a leader in the design and manufacture of Precision Oscillators and Timing Solutions for Communication, Industrial, Military & Space applications, today announced that the VT–803 TCXO is Stratum 3 compliant, supporting timing and synchronization applications throughout the network.

"Methods for delivering timing and synchronization continue to evolve" said Mario Saucedo, General Manager of Standard Oscillator Group at Vectron International. "However, the system level performance requirements such as wander generation remain the same and the VT–803 complies with the Stratum 3 specifications in a 5 mm x 3.2 mm footprint". As synchronization technology and standards continue to evolve, Stratum 3 requirements continue to remain as the baseline of performance.

Synchronization solutions are usually assembled from different components. A designer must know that the assembled components will combine into a solution that meets the system level requirements. When tasked with creating a synchronization solution it is necessary to choose a TCXO that will provide a stable foundation for the timing application. Vectron simplifies this step by evaluating how the oscillator behaves with the timing components.

Key Features
  • Stratum 3 Compliant
  • Available frequencies of 10.0 MHz, 12.8MHz, 20MHz, 25MHz & 30.72MHz
  • Temperature Stability of ±100ppb from –10°C to +70°C
  • Temperature Stability of ±200ppb from –40°C to +85°C
  • Aging: <0.5ppm/year
  • 2.8 V, 3.0 V, 3.3 V, 5.0 V Supply Voltage Options
  • Clipped Sinewave or CMOS Output Configurations
  • Ceramic Package: 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm
  • Compliant to EC RoHS6 Directive

In addition to the VT–803 TCXO, Vectron also offers customers additional TCXO solutions, along with innovative clock path technology including OCXOs, VCXOs, VCSOs, XOs, MEMS and Jitter Attenuators that provide ultra–low jitter timing solutions.

Vectron's TCXO are available direct at www.vectron.com or through an authorized Vectron representative. For more information on this or any other Vectron products please contact a customer service representative at 1-88-VECTRON-1

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About Vectron International
Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor, and hybrid product solutions. Vectron solves complex timing, filtering and sensor challenges by delivering customized solutions that speed time to market and offer low total cost of ownership. Committed to the industry's highest quality service standard and complete satisfaction, Vectron International leverages its global footprint and 50 years of experience to help customers achieve competitive differentiation and improve their bottom line. Vectron International is headquartered in Hudson, NH and has operating facilities and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit www.vectron.com.