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July 13, 2009
Vectron International and MSC-Gleichmann Group sign representative and distribution agreement for Germany, Austria and East-European countries

Vectron International and the MSC-Gleichmann Group signed a representative and distribution agreement for Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Austria, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Founded in 1979 with headquarters in Stutensee, Germany, MSC has earned the reputation as one of Europe’s leading high-tech distributors of electronic components. They are well known for their efficient logistic centres, branch offices throughout Germany and the rest of Europe, as well as their vast innovative strength and flexibility. Their lines cover highly sophisticated components such as microcontrollers and processors, programmable logic devices, controllers and memory modules. Now MSC-Gleichmann have up-valued their line card with Vectron precision frequency control products.

For contact please refer to the Vectron representative contact overview (https://www.vectron.com/contact/index.htm)